Builders on the rock

Jr. High & High School Youth Group

6th-12th grade students

"... I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:" 

Matthew 7:24

About Builders on the Rock

Everybody builds their lives on something. Many people choose to build it upon something that appears solid, but isn’t.  In the end, if we haven’t built our lives involving God’s Word, then we will crumble.  His Word is lasting and unchanging.  In today's fallen world, the only foundation that we can truly trust is that of Jesus’ words.

In Builders on the Rock we have passionate leaders, who present the Word of God in every service.  It's their desire to build these teenagers up on a firm foundation with biblical truth to help them navigate through life.  It is our goal to reach this generation for Christ.  We want each of them to grow in His Word and build a love for the Lord.  You may have heard the phrase, 'The youth is our future' but at BBC we believe that they are part of the church today. We have several activities throughout the year, summer camp, teen Vacation Bible School and many opportunities to get them involved in the church serving the Lord.

Join us downstairs in the teen room.  We encourage you to bring a friend.  


Sunday school

Led by Brice Burkard

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Wednesday Night

Led by Will Dhume

Fuel Camp 
June 12-16, 2023

The Church  sponsors each student that attends with BBC Marysville 50% of the way, which makes the cost only $145/per student.  The $145  includes meals and lodging.  If you want the coupon code for $150 off please reach out to the Church, Brice or Will.  

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