COVID - 19

This announcement is for The Bible Baptist Church of Marysville due to the ever changing circumstances of the Covid 19 virus. As pastor of the church, I have great concerns about providing opportunities for people to come and hear the gospel and worship God in Spirit and in truth and at the same time have great concerns about the general well being of our entire congregation. We will be at church to conduct services as the Lord allows but we do not expect everyone to come in person while we persevere through these challenging times. The Lord Jesus is my hope and shield and at the very same time he said “it is written thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God” in regards to taking advantage of the promised protection in his own physical life. The unknowns of these circumstances make decisions about our local church even more complicated to make and may cause more changes to them as time goes on. As of right now and into the foreseeable future until further notice we are going to be implementing the following guidelines for our church. Please help us by following these guidelines and if you are unable to attend for any circumstances, and want to stay connected we have begun live streaming our services on our Bible Baptist Church of Marysville YouTube Channel (BBC Marysville) and will continue to make sermons available on our website

If you or anyone in your family are showing signs of sickness, stay home. You are not a backslider if you are sick and miss services when you are sick and compromised. You and your family can still have distant contact with us through live-streaming and there are online options for tithes and offerings as well.

If your health is already compromised and you are in the senior age group and feel uncomfortable fellowshipping during this current time, or have family members with those same concerns, we understand and do not think you are ungodly because you are not at church with us in person during this time.

We as a church will not be able to guarantee support ministries such as nurseries, junior churches, and kids classes during our services because of possible sickness of our workers. So we are asking families to come expecting to attend as a family unit together in the main auditorium. 

If our church workers are able And willing to provide support ministries depending on the time and availability of that particular service some kids ministries may be provided but come expecting to worship as a family unit with these support ministries not provided.

Because of 3. and 4. Our transportation ministries will be running as workers ability allows them to and will pick up children only if they accompanied with parents or guardians with them. Again every family should come expecting to worship as a family unit. Please call ahead each service to make arrangements with the transportation ministry. 

While in service we are implementing other means of greeting besides hand shaking, and we are implementing songs on the screen and offering baskets to be stationary instead of being passed from person to person. 

Please pray for wisdom and protection on our church family and and God’s intervention in our communities. Feel free to call, email, or text me with questions regarding these guidelines. We are planning to preach the gospel to every creature and to be light of hope in these uncertain times 

Your friend pastor 

Jeremy Stout