Women's Worship
It is very important as we go through this life as wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends to maintain a God First life in all of our relationships.  We need these friendships to make us accountable in all we do in our daily lives.
One way the ladies of BBCMarysville have found to do that is through a time of food and fellowship.
Each Saturday morning at 8:00 the women gather for Breakfast which is cooked by the Pastor and other men of the church, then we spend a short time in devotion which helps prepare us for the week ahead.  That is followed by a time of prayer for our family, friends, country and community.  Through this time of learning, sharing and prayer we become stronger advocates for our families, and community for Christ.
Our Women's Fellowship is lead by Michelle Book.  Michelle's strong believe in God First has allowed her to share, and to be our guide as she supports each lady to become stronger in faith and as support to our husbands and children and friends.
Join us we look forward to seeing you!