to Bible Baptist Church Marysville!

 A Message from the Pastor

Dear Friend,

Thank you for giving a moment of your time to take a deeper look into this church. Bible Baptist Church of Marysville, (BBC) started as a mission that was sponsored by the Bible Baptist Church of Wilmington, Ohio. BBC is now a totally independent Baptist Church on it's own that stands for the truth of the Bible, seeks after the souls of men, and sends missionaries to other parts of the world to do the same. As this church grows, we are asking God to continue to fit pieces together to build the church that He would have in Marysville. Jesus told us in His Word that He would build His church, so we are committed in all of our efforts to help build Bible Baptist Church in Marysville. BBC is a place where you and your friends will hear messages from the Bible that will cause us to be concerned for others, convicted about our sin, and bring comfort to our souls with confidence from God's promises.