Journey with Jesus 
Recommendations from past journeyers:
Question posed: "Would you recommend Journey with Jesus to a friend and why?"
Answer: To be honest, I was kind of nervous about going on Journey and even went back and forth about going. I really didn't know anyone there hardly at all, so it was a little out of my comfort zone. That only lasted for like 5 minutes though.  I am so glad I went because it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Not only did it help me get further on my walk with Jesus, I got to know so many great women and we had such a wonderful time.  We laughed a lot and had really good food.  I actually even went back the second year on the team because I wanted to help others have the same experience I did. I thought it would be the same going again, so it would be all about others that time. However, the talks were mostly different because there were a lot of new speakers. For me, it was even better than the first year. So I would definitely recommend journey every year because God really blessed me with both mine.  It was really the first time I felt what it meant to be a part of the church family. Life is hard. Journey helps us to reach up to God and out to each other. -Jamie
Answer #2: Ever want God to use you to make the lives of others better? This is an opportunity for God to use you, simply by attending. I adored my Journey with Jesus experience. I never imagined I would bond with strangers the way I did in 48hrs. My father-in-law would pray that I would receive Christian woman in my life after getting saved, but at the time I used to walk in and out of church alone, without saying much of anything to anyone. Journey with Jesus brought those lovely ladies into my life & now I have a desire to fellowship and serve God with these woman! It's worth sacrificing comfort for growth!! It's a few nights away from the world & distraction free to focus on God. As a mother, it sounded more like a vacation! LOL Only I got more out of it then any week at the beach ever gave me. I grew closer to Christ!! It's truly a priceless encounter and you'll walk away with beautiful memories. I encourage all to attend, whether you are an active or inactive member in your church. Whether you are a pastor's wife or newborn Christian. Maybe you attend church, but are stuck in a rut & walk away feeling as empty as when you entered. Or you've never even had any initial encounter with Christ & don't even attend church, ever. ALL are welcome & you won't want to miss this retreat away! It'd be a blessing to have you. -Anonymous
Answer #3: I would definitely recommend going to Journey with Jesus to all my friends. Last year. I was new to the church and it was amazing how many friends I made during that 48 hours. This was the first I was away from home, without kids, in over 10 years. I was able to relax, enjoy the good food, and focus on me. -Heather
Answer #4 I would recommend the Journey with Jesus to anyone looking to make a closer connection, not only to God, but also to their fellow church members. My experience was amazing and you really get to know people personally, not just the face they put on for an hour at church. 
Answer #5: This is my 3rd year going on the journey and I love every minute of it. The fellowship with the ladies and the new friends are such a blessing. I enjoy hearing the talks and hearing different sides to stories. I can't wait to be a part of this great retreat once again. I keep coming back because I learn something new everytime. It helps me refocus my faith and fire for the Lord. -Cassandra
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