Bus Drivers & Bus Workers

*For more Bus information or need a ride, please contact:


Mike Black                                                                                                                                            Bus Captain

(937) 210-1370



The Church Bus goes out every Sunday to pick up anyone in need of a ride to church. The bus route mostly consists of younger children from all over town and surrounding areas like Richwood, North Lewisburg, and New Dover. From the beginning of this ministry it averaged around 3-4 bus riders. Now it averages between 15-20 bus riders on Sundays, and 50 - 60 on Wednesdays. Praise the Lord for His Blessings.


The Bus riders also get to partake in special events such as Roller Skating once a month through the winter months and a stop at McDonalds from time to time. On occasion we have popsicles or ice cream after services in the summer.



Vacation Bible School: Searching for Salvation, the bus ran ever day and averaged about 45 kids a night. On our busiest night we had 58 kids on board and a few workers.